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Vision Correction Surgeries

Gulani Custom-Tailored Approach to Eye Surgery


He does not believe in confusing patients with names of surgeries or technology. Instead, he teaches eye surgeons to approach the eye like a camera in evaluating the optics of the entire eye and planning a surgery best suited towards perfecting vision for that eye individually.


Three important points in Dr. Gulani’s mind while customizing your eye surgery are:


No financial incentive or deals and no technology hype or even his own World renowned status and reputation affect his decision in selecting the best surgical approach tailored for your individual eye.

Just like a camera, the eye has a cornea (viewfinder), the shape of which decides vision. Nearsighted corneas are steep or more curved, farsighted corneas are flatter and astigmatic corneas are shaped like a football (oval) as opposed to being shaped like a basketball (spherical). Thus nearly all cornea based refractive surgeries (including Lasik) focus on re-shaping a patient’s cornea.

Laser vision surgery in every form ie. NEX-GEN, Lasik, LaZrPlastique, Wavefront Lasik, Custom Lasik, Epi-Lasik, Lasek, PRK, Advanced Surface Ablation (ASA) itself can be modified and applied in varied forms to achieve the desired visual outcome based on Dr. Gulani’s selection.

The next imaging structure in the eye is the lens (very much like the lens in the camera). As you age, this lens becomes “Cloudy” and is now called a Cataract. Your natural lens also has a power to it that can be manipulated by inserting a specific artificial lens implant after removing the Cataract. New generation Lens implants can further be helpful for patients who use reading glasses for presbyopia wherein these implants can be multifocal, trifocal, toric, (like bifocal or progressive reading glasses) and thus allow reading as well as distance vision.

Surgery can also be combined in stages in some cases to optimize the best of technology and technique in individualizing and customizing the surgery to the patient and their unique eyes i.e. Cataract surgery followed by Laser Vision Surgery. This in fact is the hallmark of Dr. Gulani’s thought process (GPSTM) and application among the full spectrum of vision corrective surgeries (KLEARTM) and breakthrough technology applications to truly custom design surgery to each individual eye for its best vision potential. Thus, various combinations of Lens or Laser surgeries and technology choices available to Dr. Gulani provide unlimited permutations to individualize care for each patient in seeking their unique visual goals thereby raising vision itself to an ART.

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